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Kristal SPA, which we manage with a corporate line. We are proud to serve Antalya. We know that Cleanliness, Comfort and Trust are as important to us as to you. For this reason , it is an environment where you can easily come with your spouse and children.

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Would you like to participate in the traditional Turkish Bath therapy, which includes scrub and foam applications? Turkish Bath Therapy It is a care method that includes traditional applications and scrub and foam massage. All seating areas, core stone and walls are heated. The temperature reaches 55 degrees. Your skin, which is purified from dead cells with a scrub, relaxes with a foam massage afterward.

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It dilates the capillaries in the skin and balances your blood pressure. Your body temperature will increase by 1-2 degrees and strengthen your defense system against germs and viruses. Sauna will act as medicine when you are sick or about to be. After sports activities, the sauna is the most suitable place to relieve your tiredness. Sauna sessions occupy a special place in the work schedule of all professional athletes. By expanding your veins, it facilitates the excretion of lactic acid, which causes fatigue, between the muscles.



After care, aches and pains in the muscles are reduced, the skin is deeply cleaned and regains the moisture it needs. After the care, you will feel renewed, refreshed and like a newborn…

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It is a general body care applied to remove dead skin and open pores with a special silk pouch on the navel stone in the Turkish bath, which has a history of nearly 500 years.

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antalya hamamları masaj salonları



Massage is the stimulation of the skin, muscles, internal organs, circulatory system by mechanical or neural means for therapeutic purposes. It is a method of increasing regional blood circulation with various blows and rubbing, and providing more blood to the tissue.

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After the massage, the body is cleansed of massage oil with special washcloths and soap, cleaned, and a massage is performed with foam to relax and rest.